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So you went to school and learned how to sell art?

Artists who attended art schools that promise a healthy return on investment fail because 99% of selling isn't taught in the curriculum.


To achieve positive results you need guided application.

Barbara Derrick's Art & Sales Mentorship Program accomplishes just that.

That's why this program is strategically structured to last 8-Weeks while you are developing artwork to sell.

  • Last Year This Program Sold Out In Record Time

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    2-Month Sales Mastery 

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  • BONUS: 8 Art Sessions 

  • Designed by you during consultation with Barbara Derrick as your development plan. (valued at $497.00

  • 4-Part Live Video Sales Training Sessions

  •  Where Barbara Derrick walks you step-by-step through the Art & Sales Process 

    • 8 Live Training Calls

    • With Barbara to troubleshoot art, comprehensively understand each component of sales conversation and role play.  

    • Handouts and Workbooks for Art Course and Sales Training

    •   On Specific Days 


    • For inspiration and Knowledge 

    • Ongoing access to the recordings of all video and audio digital components of the course

    • Access to products on secure learning platform. 

    For the last 30 years Barbara worked with decision makers from organizations like Colleges as an art educator. At college level, in the eleven years of her tenor Barbara trained 200 Art Instructor students to their certification. With business savoy she's secured an art commission for BC Telus Communications to wrap one vehicle in the fleet and for a building banner. A painting titled "Her Gift" was published on the front cover of Terringula Magazines Vol 9 Double Issue 2020, and she's delivered team building to corporations.

    And there's one thing she's learned from building her business from scratch and going it alone: that you can buy all the right tools, learn all the right techniques and art won't sell itself.

    There are few people who will test their ideas, have the passion and want to do something more with their creative talent but are unaware of possibilities. Barbara has trained countless groups of people who have had outstanding results, and now she's going to walk you through a sales process that works - with 8 FREE Art Sessions designed by you in consultation with her guidance.

  • Our Platinum Package

    The 8-Week program is designed with the student, guided by our staff. Choosing one art form from three different streams is a great way to focus and develop your artistic skills. You could, for example, choose from the visual arts, performing arts, and media arts. If you choose the visual arts, you could decide to focus on oil painting, drawing, or watercolor. If you select the performing arts, you could focus on any of the following: acting, singing, music, dance, or drama. Finally, if you choose media arts, you could decide to focus on filmmaking, video editing, digital photography, or graphic design. Whichever art form you choose, it is important to dedicate ample time and commitment to mastering the craft. With hard work and dedication, you will be able to create pieces of art that you are proud of.

    Visual Art

    Discover a creative world of possibilities with our range of art classes suitable for all skill levels. Whether a student is a budding artist looking to develop and build upon their passion, or simply looking for a creative way to spend their free time, our art classes have something to offer everyone. From painting with acrylics or watercolours, exploring the world of drawing and sculpture, or trying something different with mask making, lino cutting and mixed media, there’s something for everyone here. Classes are tailored to each individual student’s choice, ensuring they get the very best from their creative experience. So why not follow your creative dreams and join us for a truly unique and rewarding art experience?

    Indigenous Art

    Explore Indigenous Art in a way that allows students to tap into their own culture, beliefs and values. Through a study of Indigenous Art, students will gain an understanding of the diversity of Indigenous cultures and the importance of cultural expression in art. Through the use of traditional materials and techniques, such as weaving, carving, and painting explore the different ways Indigenous cultures have expressed themselves through art. The lesson basis will enable students to draw upon their own culture, beliefs and values as they create their own pieces of artwork. This is a great way for students to practice cultural expression and confidence in their art form.

    Team Building

    Using cultural art to understand personalities in the workplace is a powerful way to increase engagement and understanding in the workplace. In this 8-week program, students will learn how to identify different personality types and develop strategies to better interact with their peers. Through interactive activities and exercises, students will develop their own learning plan that can be tailored to their particular audience. They will explore the importance of cultural art to create a space for discovery and connection. By the end of the program, students will have a greater understanding of how to create meaningful relationships in the workplace, enabling them to succeed in any environment.


  • Receive an in-depth teaching  of a proven Sales System that has generated thousands of dollars for business entrepreneurs.

  • Acquire the process to establish and build rapport with prospects in the first 4 seconds of the sales conversation & beyond…

  • Gain specialized training on the power of tonalities and how to strategically utilize the 9 key tonalities to get more "Yes" replies!

  • Understand how to take the lead and naturally assume a dominant role in the sales process without being salesy! Know how to establish yourself as a trusted expert.

  • Walk away with their very own finished, customized sales script for their specific product or service that follows the exact scripting model that Barbara has used to increase her business revenue.

  • Role-play practice with Barbarareinforce and perfect all of their learning to more effectively close deals.

  • Understand which tonalities to use in each segment of the sales process for maximum influence.

  • Barbara has been there...

    She knows how to make money out of something she used to give away for free.

    Barbara Derrick has proven to her community that she knows how to sell. From leaving her full-time College career to running her business amid a recession with her final paycheck, to building her company from the ground up doing what she loves to do; teaching art classes, being invited as a guest speaker for cultural events, and team building with corporations. Barbara simply knows what works and what doesn’t and she’s taken pieces of what she’s learned from pitching ideas for fundraising, writing proposals, developing curriculum and how the art world operates. A one of a kind system emphasizing on "serving" and not "selling!" It's all here in this FREE 4 Part Sales Training over the course of two days.

    You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!


    "It wasn't easy getting past my shyness. When I did I discovered I naturally used the technique in my conversations with others! What a huge difference, While I feel valued, so do my the customers who are buying my art."


    Fiber Artist

    "Best sales training for artists this side of the internet. I love that I now know how to connect to customers who are interested in my art! I'm not scaring them away anymore!"

    Jane Daigo



    If you enroll today and participate fully in this Art & Sales Mentorship, attending all the calls, taking notes, investing 10 or more hours per week on art projects, follow the plan you created in first consultation and applying exactly what we teach you to your sales process - in the way we tell you to apply it - I guarantee that in the next 12 months, you will double the investment that you made in this program in sales – or your money back.

    What Results Recent Students Experienced After Following My Strategies

    "Testimonials shown are real experiences from paying clients. Their results are not typical and your experience will vary based upon your effort, education, business model, and market forces beyond our control. We make no earnings claims or return on investment claims"

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